A Moreton Bay ferry, barge to Moreton Island, artificial reefs and floating pontoons are just some of the services Brad Flynn says the Peninsula needs to attract more tourists.

Mr Flynn, the Redcliffe Peninsula Chamber of Commerce President, has been working towards creating a masterplan for the region, through the Moreton Maritime Alliance, for several years.

He hopes some the items on his wish list will become a reality through the State Government’s recently announced Moreton Bay masterplan.

State Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones has invited Moreton Bay Regional Council mayor Allan Sutherland to form part of the Growing Moreton Bay Tourism Futures Leadership Group.

“I don’t think we’ve understood how important Moreton Bay is to grow tourism in Queensland,” she said.

Cr Sutherland said he jumped at the chance to be part of the leadership group.

He supported the call for ferry services, pontoons and the barge to Moreton Island “to enable day tripping”.

“In an ideal world I’d want to see better aquatic connections through the entirety of Moreton Bay from the Gold Coast through Redlands and Brisbane up to the Sunshine Coast,” Cr Sutherland said.

“We have been doing really well but can absolutely do more to grow our tourism economy.

“With the State Government getting on board I think the tourism boom that we’ve experienced will become an explosion and potential make us a destination to rival the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.”

Mr Flynn said a Moreton Bay wide plan would provide long term direction and boost the economy.

“Whilst tourism is one of the current key elements attracting people to the Peninsula there are other factors we believe should also be part of the overall plan for the long term future of Redcliffe,” he said.

Mr Flynn said a simple thing like extending Redcliffe and Woody Point jetties would allow more people to visit the area via recreational and commercial boats.

He said the extension would also allow for the introduction of a ferry service between Bribie Island, Redcliffe, Woody Point, Moreton Island and the City.

“We would also like to see the customs clearance point in Scarborough re-established to encourage a greater number of international visitors to the Peninsula,” he said.

He said bringing the barge service from Scarborough to Moreton Island back and placing floating pontoons at dive sites would also encourage more visitors.

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