Businesses take advantage of Inland Rail


Businesses across Toowoomba and region have made the most of opportunities presented by significant projects including most recently, the Second Range Crossing.

Many businesses have grown their capability considerably and are now looking to opportunities Inland Rail will bring.

Inland Rail is not only a much-needed investment in Australia’s freight future but is also a shining opportunity for regional economies right along the network including here in Toowoomba.

Inland Rail will be delivered by the Australian Government through the Australian Rail Track Corporation in partnership with the private sector.

The government is investing more than $9 billion in ARTC to deliver this nation building project which stands to have transformational affects on Australian industry and regional communities.

Our local business community is now beginning to feel a flow on affect from the commencement of this project with ARTC and the Federal Government establishing offices and placing new staff here in Toowoomba.

In south-east Queensland, Inland Rail will provide connectivity with existing regional lines and integrate Queensland businesses into the national rail network.

This will provide a very real opportunity in freight and logistics for our region and we have already seen substantial private investment in associated rail and freight facilities.

Inland Rail will span 1700km and form the spine of Australia’s freight network connecting Melbourne and Brisbane in under 24 hours and providing a more cost effective and reliable freight option for industry.

This infrastructure will also reduce emissions by 750,000 tonnes annually.

This project will provide new full-time jobs, traineeship and apprentice opportunities and a direct injection into our local economy bringing a range of opportunities for individual businesses as well as increased spend across the overall Toowoomba business community.

We have seen the benefit significant projects can provide industry and local business communities firsthand during the construction of the second range crossing and the local content targets achieved by Nexus Infrastructure in partnership with our business community.

To ensure Australian industries can remain globally competitive, we must press forward with nation building infrastructure projects.

The construction of Inland Rail is a priority for our local business community, industry and Australia.

Originally published via Toowoomba Chronicle

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