Why your Business Needs a Regular HR Health Check


What is a HR Health Check?

A HR Health Check is a confidential 60-minute consultation with an expert adviser from the CCIQ Employer Assistance team. Within this consultation, our expert adviser will conduct a review of your business to ensure that it is compliant with the relevant workplace laws and regulations.

Conducting a HR Health Check within your organisation is the first step in taking control of your HR, as well as minimising the associated risks within your organisation.

A HR Health Check is a fantastic opportunity to discover how well your HR procedures and policies align with the current legal requirements. Workplace litigation is on the rise, so ensuring that you have adequate and up to date HR procedures in place may provide incredibly beneficial to your business.

What is included within a HR Health Check?

When CCIQ conducts a HR Health Check within your business, our expert advisers will thoroughly assess your business on topics including:

  • Compliance with modern awards, and/or Enterprise Agreements
  • Compliance with National Employment Standards
  • Compliance with other relevant laws (e.g. workers compensation and WHS)
  • Current HR practices VS best practice

Our experienced team will delve further into the operations of your business, and will analyse elements within your business such as:

Instrument coverage

Our expert advisers will identify how instruments are being applied within your organisation and who they cover within your business. We will also assess if your business is HR compliant and adheres to all Modern Award and Enterprise Agreement coverage.

National employment standards

Within your Health Check, our expert advisers consider how the National Employment Standards are applied within your business, as well as analysing whether your current workplace practices meet the required legal obligations. Your Health Check will also analyse whether your organisation is aware of how the NES interacts within the relevant Modern Awards or Enterprise Agreement.

Leave entitlements

We will investigate whether your business is able to maintain leave records, and if your organisation has processes in place for employees to take leave. Our advisers will also investigate whether there are any common practices within your business that are not being documented.

Contracts, pay and conditions

Identifying if your business’ current award coverage and classifications are correct, time, wages and record keeping consideration, are employment contracts in place, are meal breaks provided, assessing policies and procedures in place.

How is a CCIQ HR Health Check different from online Health Checks?

Our CCIQ HR Health Checks are vastly different from a standard desktop Health Check audit. Our Health Checks provide more value and personalisation of your business within your audit.

Many online HR Health Checks simply provide you with a checklist for you to self-analyse the HR health of your business. Here at CCIQ, we spend time to thoroughly analyse your business by providing our expert support and knowledge. We also advise businesses on the ever-changing IR landscape, including issues that may impact them directly depending on your industry and number of employees.

We will also look into issues surrounding workers compensation, how employees are rehabilitated and how your business sustains their return to work.

What are the benefits to receiving a HR Health Check?

The benefits that CCIQ provides is that we can identify issues and propose a solution before it becomes a risk to your business. We provide tailored advice to suit your needs and the needs of your business. We also translate your business practices into compliance to ensure that your business is as protected as possible. Receiving a HR Health Check could prevent your business from losing money if something went wrong.

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