Capricorn Projects to Drive Regional Economy for Next Decade


Significant capital investments in the Capricorn region are expected to result in renewed business confidence and a boost in economic stimulus.

Over $3.5 billion of project investment has been announced and guaranteed for the next five to ten years across industries like construction, manufacturing and civil engineering.

Major projects in the area include:

  • Shoalwater Bay Remediation Project ($135 million)
  • Australian Singapore Military Training Initiative ($800 million)
  • Bruce Highway Northern Access Upgrade ($121 million)
  • Capricorn Highway Rocky to Gracemere Duplication ($75 million)
  • Rockhampton Ring Road ($1 billion)
  • Capricornia Correctional Centre ($200 million)
  • Lower Fitzroy River Rookwood Weir ($352 million)
  • Clark Creek Wind and Solar Farm ($800 million)
  • Rockhampton Flood Levy ($60 million)
  • GKI Power/Energy/Cable ($25 million+)
  • Rockhampton Manufacturing Hub ($10 million)

It is expected that guarantees of local industry involvement will be between 60 per cent and 80 per cent in multiple projects, benefitting local business and industry.

CEO of Capricorn Enterprise Mary Carroll has encouraged local business to be involved but warned opportunities available to businesses will be subject to usual business terms of tendering, contracting and business engagement.

“Working with all project proponents and managing contractors to maximise local industry, business and skilled labour involvement in all projects is our priority.” Ms Carroll said.

“Capricorn Enterprise is in close contact with all managing contractors and project proponents and we are working hard to secure and develop a clear understanding of project pipelines and their requirements for industry, supply chain/procurement and labour capability.” Ms Carroll said.

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