Coal is still king in Queensland


Queensland’s key exports hit $7.25 billion in November – the second-highest monthly figure on record according to the new data released yesterday.

Coal exports from Queensland also contributed to Australia posting a trade surplus of $1.93 billion for the month.

CCIQ’s Dan Petrie said that despite some moderate sales of coal in November, coking coal’s high price attributed to the result along with ensuring Queensland’s monthly coal exports continue to be worth about $3 billion.

“In looking at the November data, it is important to remember that vlatility on global markets was high towards the end of last year, implying a particularly strong result,” he said.

“Queensland land exports in this regard are performing incredibly well. Imports into the state at $4.6 billion over the same period were a record and complement the recent activity seen in an improving retail sector across the state”

The Chamber’s analysis of trade figures also showed November was the fourth consecutive month that the value of goods leaving Queensland was above $7 billion.

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