Brisbane startup to use AI for small business marketing


A Brisbane-born startup is using artificial intelligence to reduce marketing costs for small businesses.

Launching this week, Brandollo is a powerful AI marketing assistant which creates a customised marketing plan for each user. It also comes with tutorials to help business owners at any skill level to organise and grow their marketing efforts.

The service is suited for small businesses, startups or newly established businesses.

Brandollo uses Machine Learning to identify the areas where the business needs help with their marketing. Over time, the technology gets smarter over time and more relevant to the business.

Founder Brian McCarthy and Marco Muscat recognised there was an opportunity to create an easy affordable system that will help businesses take ownership of their brand.

“Having previously worked closely with hundreds of brands, it was clear to me that small to medium-sized businesses were really struggling to find help when it came to marketing.

“The launch of Brandollo means there’s finally a real alternative available to the thousands of businesses searching for affordable and customised marketing advice.”

Brandollo comes at a time where marketing is an increasingly problematic area for businesses with small marketing budgets.

To learn more about Brandollo, click here.

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