New Labor policy to reveal gender pay gap and manager pay in businesses


Companies with more than 1000 employees will be forced to publicly reveal their gender pay gap as well as the pay gap between managers and employees, under a Labor government.

In a report by Fairfax Media, the Federal Opposition is preparing legislation which would also force companies to show the difference in pay between managerial and non-managerial staff and would ban “secrecy clauses” which prevent employees telling colleagues how much they each get paid.

Companies already have an obligation to report their gender pay gap to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Labor would make the reported figures publicly and allow it to be searchable.

It is the second policy Labor has announced in recent days to help working women, however, employer groups and businesses have voiced their concern and cited hte possibility of sewing discontent amongst staff.

Labor’s announcement comes ahead of an expected statement by the government due in spring. The Minister for Women Kelly O’Dwyer has pledged practical measures to improve women’s economic security.

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